Today I read an advertisement in news paper from a mother about brake up relationship with their son and daughter in-laws. I  think  before publishing this advertisement howmuch pains and problem faced by mother. What a bad day came in her life, as he gave birth a baby in the hope that at her older edge this baby will became a strong support .she get howmuch pains from birth to his marriage.


Clean city me achhe parinam ke bad kyo na Nagar nigam Green Ward ya green area competition aayojit Kare jisme sabse jyada ped lagakar uski varsh bhar dekhbhal karne walo ko vibhinn category me jaise green ward ke liye 1 lakh, green area ke liye 50 hajar green society/mohalla  ke liye 25000 aur pedo ki per day dekhbhal karnewale vyaktiyo ke group ko 10000 aur ek vyakti ko 1000 prati ward ke puraskar diya jaye .ek ward ke vyakti ko Mai swayam apni aur se rashi nigam ko dunga .isi prakar group ke Anya sadsaya bhi ek ek vyakti ko puraskar ki rashi nigam ko de. Chayan prakriya hetu niyam banaye jaye. Puraskar me rashi se aashay utni rashi ki pedo ke aavshyak samagri jaise tree Gaurd, lawn mover.,weed cutting machine, sprinkler ,hai.Nagar nigam me ek green fund ka account khola jaye jisme is hetu donation ekatra kiya jaye. Account number public ko bhi bataya jaye aur Donation denewalo ko sammanit kiya jaye.similar scheme can be announced for school. Best clean green school award, best teacher and students in school for implementation of this,

Women A God Gift

Today in the morning my mother instead of calling me she called  my wife to provide hot water in the bucket for bath because my mother is 84year old. During bath mother called for rubbing back side because her hands can’t reach in back side. This incident is similar as I saw in my childhood when my mother performed all these similar type of work. At that time I think that what a gift given to us on the earth by God .Think over all span of our life and calculate the work performance with accuracy by women. From beginning of birth to last day of life women spread happiness in our life but unfortunately till now woman is struggling for their identity. She is still now seen as a second priority as first priority is work  ..we must remember her devotion and respect atleast once in a day. Woman at a time in several roles when she is in mother’s role at the same she plays role of wife, daughter in-laws, friend, nurse, cook, caretaker, social worker, economist in house etc.Remember   your neighbour knows you? Last time when you speak with your neighbour  but  woman always updated with what is happening in your neighborhood. Inspite of all these roles she doesn’t want any compensation.she only requires smile on the all faces and some respect for her work .so think over it and from just now respect woman and thank god for his creation in the form of woman. 

Campeche. Water Taxi / Wodna taksówka

Nareszcie urlop

Pretty hard to catch a taxi these days. Unless you are prepared to share with other passengers.

This is one of my favorite photos from Mexico, hence I thought I would share it with you before writing another post.

Dość trudno jest dziś złapać taksówkę. Chyba, że jesteście gotowi podzielić się nią z innymi pasażerami.

To jedno z moich ulubionych zdjęć z Meksyku, dlatego chciałem się nim z wami podzielić zanim napiszę kolejnego posta.


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Save Future 

As we know paper is made from pulp of trees and for that millions of trees are being cut every year.As per information pulp for producing 1 ton of paper, approximately 12 trees are required .This year NCERT has ordered for printing 3200000 books to provide in CBSE schools. If we assume minimum weight of one book is 1kg then for producing 3200 ton paper 43200 trees has been cut down.If in one hectare land there are 500 trees then approximately 86400 hectare land had been deforested. That in resulted huge deforestation. Similarly printing ink pollutes our water resources  because ink producing companies uses chemicals and releasees dirty and polluted water in rivers.

But if we start encourageing reuse of books then we can save for our environment as well as we can develop giving sence to society  in our students.

Save Future 

I am an Engineer and interested in encouraging reuse, recycling and social works. When I see childrens on footpath, begging for money instead of going to school I feel very bad and thinks what will be the future of these children. We see that every year millions of students get promoted to next standard and books including study materials became useless, while if that books etc can be reused or recycled then those children may get education and their future will be bright .

I have started a BOOK BANK .

In this bank  I collect old  books from my family members and friends and distribute them to needy students. So this may be a solution for improving condition of those childrens.